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A Most Unusual Duke: A Steamy Shapeshifter Regency Romance (Shapeshifters of the Beau Monde, 2)

A Most Unusual Duke: A Steamy Shapeshifter Regency Romance (Shapeshifters of the Beau Monde, 2)

ISBN: 9781728230399
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Bridgerton meets New Moon in this sparkling shapeshifter Regency romance mixed with humor, steamy chemistry, and fantasy.

The Duke said he'd never get married...

The Prince Regent insists his cousin and fellow bear shifter Arthur Humphries, the Duke of Osborn, take a mate to ensure the continuation of their species. After all, Arthur is an Alpha, so he must set a good example. The duke would very much prefer to continue his comfortable bachelor lifestyle, but the Prince Regent is not a bear to be poked.

Beatrice, the widowed Marchioness of Castleton, is in possession of a powerful secret. She knows all about Shifters, her horrible late husband being one of them. At any moment, Beatrice could reveal the secrets of the Prince and those like him--unless the Prince can make sure she marries another Shifter.

A marriage between the Duke of Osborn and Beatrice is far from ideal for either one, but at least they won't fall in love...right?

Witty, fantastical, and entirely unique, A Most Unusual Duke is perfect for readers looking for:

A delicious Regency romp with a paranormal twist

A devilishly handsome Alpha hero

A marriage of convenience

A magical world to sink your teeth into

Praise for Allen's A Wolf in Duke's Clothing:

"Sparkling wit, scrumptious chemistry!"--Grace Burrowes, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

"A playful mix of humor, fantasy, and Regency romance conventions, this genre-bending novel introduces a well-constructed world filled with distinctive and endearing characters."--Publishers Weekly

"Sparkling dialogue and steamy chemistry...Regency romance meets shape-shifters, to great effect."--Kirkus Reviews

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