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Family Time: Simple Ways to Speak the 5 Love Languages to Your Kids

Family Time: Simple Ways to Speak the 5 Love Languages to Your Kids

ISBN: 9780802429711
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Based on Chapman's best-selling The 5 Love Languages(R)--an intentional resource for adding love, meaning, and adventure to your family days!

You're a committed parent. You love your kids. But even on good days, you can feel tired. Despite our best efforts, we're sometimes faced with grouchy, bored, or strong-willed children. Ever make dinner after a long day only to be met with grimaces and grumbling? Ever faced stubborn resistance over clothes? And why is it so hard to get out the door in a timely manner?

As Chapman and Mickelborough faced the reality of their beautiful little humans expressing their sometimes-difficult selves, it occurred to them--maybe we're not loving them in the way they need! This book is borne out of their own experiences and desires to love their children well.

What does it look like to love my child through Acts of Service? How can I think of a new way to have Quality Time with my child? This book is an invaluable resource of family activities incorporating each of the five love languages. There are ideas for wet days, sunny days, and holidays . . . ways to relax or to be active . . . ways to be creative or take in new experiences together. Family Time brings ease and enjoyment to your days and helps activate all five love languages in your household.

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