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If You're Not Dead, You're Not Done: Live with Purpose at Any Age

If You're Not Dead, You're Not Done: Live with Purpose at Any Age

ISBN: 9781496451491
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This book will add years to your life, and life to your years!

Your personal odometer may be showing a bit of wear and tear: balding tires, dented fenders, body corrosion. You may be on the journey of being old, yet you're still alive and being renewed day by day. That's right! If you woke up this morning, God has something eternally important and purposeful for you to do or learn.

Through this humorous collection of "pep talks" for healthy aging you'll discover how to . . .
  • Replace worry with thankfulness
  • Embrace pain's benefits
  • Be a lifelong learner
  • Experience great sex over sixty
  • Enjoy the past but make new memories
  • Turn your frown upside down
  • Keep your curiosity kickin'
  • Pursue a passion passionately
Get ready to recharge your batteries and "put the boom back into Baby Boomer" with a healthy dose of hope, joy, encouragement, and motivation for living life to its fullest.

"I planned to read If You're Not Dead, You're Not Done after my nap, but it put me to sleep again. No, wait, that was another book. I loved this one, and so will you." --Jerry B. Jenkins, bestselling biographer and novelist

"A humorous guide to staying young while growing old. Brilliant!" --David L. Winters, author of Exercising Your Faith
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