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"Mitchell": How I Lived My Feral Life in Domestic Delight

"Mitchell": How I Lived My Feral Life in Domestic Delight

ISBN: 9781684566761
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Cats. Be they feral, running amok among us, or the charming creature who has given the pleasure of their company as they sit curled up and purring on your lap. Then again, there are those elusive moggies, the ones that slink through the night, their presence made known only by the solitary caterwauling that echoes through back alleyways and quiet neighborhoods.

Cats. Do we really know them? Of course not, but in these pages, "Mitchell" will lead you on his personal journey of lives past and present. He will share a rare glimpse into the world of his culture, the ancient rules, cat society, and their real history. Mitchell, a feral-turned-domestic, tells all-or as much as he sees fit to reveal. He will make it clear to cat devotees and those with lingering aversion towards the feline species, that each and every cat has his or her purpose and most assuredly has a fantastic tale to tell.

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