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Money & Morons: How to Build Wealth and Protect Yourself from the Great Conflux

Money & Morons: How to Build Wealth and Protect Yourself from the Great Conflux

ISBN: 9798887500768
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The Great Conflux is underway.

For the first time in American history, several events are simultaneously unfolding that, when combined, create new levels of risk and contagion not seen before. Human longevity, an aging population and unprecedented levels of debt and deficits will create The Great Conflux and the worst part is that it's all our fault. We're the ones who elect politicians who are not mandated to control spending and reduce the national debt. That moronic behavior pushes us further and further into a debt spiral that will be impossible to pull ourselves out of. The outcome is inevitable: crisis. That crisis could come in the form of inflation, rising interest rates, lower home prices, higher taxes, political instability, currency depreciation, decreased trade, and even national security concerns. And when that crisis arrives, the government and politicians won't be able to save us. It will be the responsibility of every individual to insulate themselves and their families.

Are you prepared for when crisis hits? Most Americans don't have enough money saved up to cover a medical emergency, never mind retire. Many assume the reason for this is because they don't make enough money, and while learning how to be more productive with your time and earn more money is part of the equation, the problem is more complicated. The basics of saving and investing are not taught in school, so most people enter the workforce already behind the eight ball. What makes the problem exponentially worse is the disease of consumerism that has spread throughout our culture like wildfire. Every day, we are bombarded with advertisements convincing us to buy things we don't need. The grand lifestyle we are being pitched is not attainable by the average citizen without properly saving and investing.

Money and Morons is a wake-up call for those who want to become wealthy and stay wealthy. It doesn't matter your background or age; if you desire to work hard and have the discipline to make money, save, and properly invest, this book can become a valuable tool in protecting yourself and your family. It's not an easy first step to take, but nothing can be improved if that step isn't taken. This is how you do it.

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