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More Disruption: Representational Art in Flux

More Disruption: Representational Art in Flux

ISBN: 9780764366819
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Profoundly shaped by the events, forces, and overflow of today's disjointed, social-media-heavy life, these artists' paintings are "disrupted" stylistically, thematically, or sometimes both.

They allow us to appreciate how art relates to the "super-fast, simultaneous, almost dizzyingly paced scrolling" of our lives.

- Foreword by artist Nicholas Wilton, founder of Art2Life

- Features a special essay on artist Jenny Saville, who has inspired many contemporary representational artists to disrupt their art

- More than half of the artists are from outside the US; includes women and BIPOC artists

- Artists' comments presented in an engaging question-and-answer style

- Artists include Casey Baugh, Jenny Saville, Joseph Lee, Ruprecht von Kaufmann, Justin Mortimer, and dozens more - Art writer and curator John Seed is the foremost authority on disrupted realism and is the author of Disrupted Realism: Paintings for a Distracted World
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