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Mr. Bambuckle: Class 12B Fights Back (Mr. Bambuckle, 2)

Mr. Bambuckle: Class 12B Fights Back (Mr. Bambuckle, 2)

ISBN: 9781492685616
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Perfect for middle school readers of Sideways Stories from Wayside School and My Weird School!

The quirky Mr. Bambuckle might be gone, but the students of class 12B have a plan to get their favorite teacher back!

The students of class 12B are up to something...

Principal Sternblast wasn't a fan of Mr. Bambuckle's wacky teaching methods, even though class 12B never had that much fun learning before! Their new teacher, the strict Miss Frost who says discipline is what's important, definitely does not make school fun.

The students are willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of Miss Frost and get Mr. Bambuckle back! And they're not afraid to bend the rules.

Why readers love the Mr. Bambuckle series:

  • the best books for middle school boys and funny book for kids 9-12
  • the ideal preteen gift for boys
  • the perfect chapter book series for reluctant readers
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