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Strength Zone Training: The Most Effective Method for Maximizing Muscle Development

Strength Zone Training: The Most Effective Method for Maximizing Muscle Development

ISBN: 9781718211476
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Don't waste your time doing workouts that leave large gaps in your strength or load you up with unnecessary, redundant exercises. Take a strategic approach to your workouts by using a proven system that trains strength through each joint's true full range of motion.

Even if you lift, you may still be missing something in your quest to get stronger. Optimal training does not involve training all the muscles; instead, it trains all the ranges (or zones) of each muscle. Many popular exercises work the same muscles the exact same way. Performing redundant exercises is a waste of your time.

In Strength Zone Training, renowned personal trainer Nick Tumminello, who has become known as the trainer of trainers, shows you the following:
  • How to build strength through the true full range of motion
  • The redundant exercises you just don't need to do
  • The exercises to maximize upper body and lower body strength that are missing from your workout
  • The angles most people don't do exercises for but should
  • The best exercises to include in your program to train each muscle group
  • A better strategy to follow when choosing your exercises
  • Beginner and advanced workout plans for any schedule
You'll find exercises addressing every area of the body, with details on how to perform the exercise as well as coaching tips. Select exercises are depicted with a hybrid of photo and art highlighting the movements, or zones, that provide a training stimulus. You will learn how to combine exercises within a workout in a smarter and more strategic way to collectively train through a full range of motion--resulting in not just an improvement in physique but also an improvement in performance and a reduction in injury risk.

In addition to the exercises, you'll find four chapters of easy-to-follow workout plans you can immediately use at the gym. You can select a fully comprehensive workout plan that is right for you, regardless of your training level or weekly schedule.

Strength Zone Training is the blueprint for building muscle with a purpose, making it simple to create workout programs that eliminate exercise redundancy and use full range of motion so you can build a body that is all-around stronger and more durable. Choose your exercises and get ready to dominate!

Earn continuing education credits/units! A continuing education exam that uses this book is also available. It may be purchased separately or as part of a package that includes both the book and exam.
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