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The Cursed Coin 3 (FrightVision)

The Cursed Coin 3 (FrightVision)

ISBN: 9781952910210
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Everything you thought you knew about FrightVision will be challenged. As RJ discovers the secrets and origin of all the nightmares he's faced, he'll be forced to make a decision that could change everything.

At the end of this book, you'll find an exciting new Mind-Fright-Fulness exercise for you to get lost in!

Welcome to FrightVision: Your nightmare is ready. Let's begin!

Don't miss a page: FrightVision continues with: Wishful Thinking, Framed for Life, #GraveyardChallenge, The Attack of the Yellow Smart Sack, The Cursed Coin 2, Broken Hearts, The Peephole, The Cursed Coin 3, and Comic Book Chaos!

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