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The Science of Reading People: How to Understand What People Are Really Saying and Why

The Science of Reading People: How to Understand What People Are Really Saying and Why

ISBN: 9781647434359
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he best of behavioral psychology and how to use it on a daily basis.

People are not that complex - once you know how they function at their most basic levels of motivation. This book is how you become a veritable mind reader.

Tons of science-backed methods of decoding people's behaviors and words.

The Science of Reading People isn't a book that tells you about crossed arms, eye contact, and eyerolls. That type of information is so basic, it can be hidden. No, this book is about deep behavioral psychology, and how it affects all of our actions and behaviors.

Is it possible to understand someone from observing them? Yes, if you know what you are looking at and what you are looking for.

Learn the telltale signs of a person's emotions, even if they want to hide them.

Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and social skills coach. His writing draws of a variety of sources, from scientific research, academic experience, coaching, and real life experience.

How to know what people want, even if they don't.

- 10 factors that prevent us from perceiving someone, and how to prevent them

- Actionable exercises for taking people's perspectives and stepping outside of your own head

- Four personality types and how to categorize people in quick and easy ways

- Understanding the four functions of behavior and how to spot them

- Listening for specific word and linguistic choices

The science of reading people has never been more usable in your everyday life.

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