Vampire Hunter D Omnibus: Book Four (Vampire Hunter D Omnibus, 4)

Vampire Hunter D Omnibus: Book Four (Vampire Hunter D Omnibus, 4)

ISBN: 9781506739656
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A new omnibus collecting volumes ten, eleven, and twelve of the Vampire Hunter D horror novel series!

The hunt continues in the bizarre far future of 12,090 A.D, where the immortal vampire lords who were the only winners of mankind's nuclear war still oppress the human survivors who have pushed the blood-drinking fiends back to the lawless Frontier. Yet humanity too remains as quick as ever to prey upon itself, and where the law can't bring safety or justice, the crescent blade of D will--assuming you meet the half-vampire wanderer's price!

A treasure of tales awaits inside the oversize Vampire Hunter D Omnibus Book Four, beginning with Dark Nocturne, a collection of three novellas. In the title story, "Dark Nocturne," D investigates a siren song luring young men to their death. In "An Ode to Imagined Fall," the Hunter is caught between two lovers against a ritual sacrifice. In "Legend of the War Fiends," two bioengineered veterans of a conflict long gone find the fight has still not ended.

Then begins the epic four-part novel Pale Fallen Angel, complete in this omnibus, where D takes on perhaps his strangest job yet--escort Baron Byron Balazs, son of a vampire lord, on a treacherous journey to faraway Krauhausen. Not only does D demand a hundred times his usual fee, he exacts a vow that the Baron may not feed upon humans along the way! But even with his client's price paid in precious metal, D knows that on the Frontier, trustworthiness is still more rare than gold...

The Vampire Hunter D Omnibus Book Four collects volumes 10, 11, and 12 in author Hideyuki Kikuchi's adventure horror series: Dark Nocturne, Pale Fallen Angel Parts One and Two, and Pale Fallen Angel Parts Three and Four. Illustrated by Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano, the legend of D endures!
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