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Women of the Bible: A 12-Week Bible Study for Christian Women

Women of the Bible: A 12-Week Bible Study for Christian Women

ISBN: 9781638079293
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Learn from the lives of Biblical women through 12 weeks of Bible study

The Lord has called upon many women throughout Scripture--women from all walks of life who stepped up when He made them a part of His plans. This book highlights 12 of these women and the valuable lessons you can learn from their stories, inspiring you to persevere through tough times and listen when He calls you in your heart.

What sets this book apart:
  • 12 weeks, 12 women--Find 12 weeklong study sessions, each focusing on the life of one woman from the Bible, including Rahab, Deborah, Mary of Bethany, and more.
  • Readings and reflections--Apply the wisdom of these Biblical women to your own life with insightful commentary and thought-provoking questions to help you reflect on each day's passage from Scripture.
  • Powerful lessons--Explore what each woman's unique experiences with the Lord can teach you about redemption, courage, and humility.

See how God worked through the women of the Bible with this standout among Christian books for women.
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